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WHY DONATE? Providing free screenings and developing educational outreach takes financial support. Medical supplies, brochures, and awareness campaigns have all been successful in reaching those most at risk and educating young and old alike about their risks for mouth and throat cancer.

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WHY SCREEN FOR MOUTH AND THROAT CANCER? Early detection does save lives in mouth and throat cancer but despite rapid advances in the treatment of mouth and throat cancer, it's toll in surgical treatment, radiation and even death have not changed in the last 30 years. The reason is that few people know about the risks for mouth and throat cancer and what signs and symptoms should be followed up by a doctor or dentist so they are diagnosed later in the disease when treatment is more invasive and less effective. Equally concerning is that many healthcare workers do not know about mouth and throat cancer and don't educate or screen their patients. But the most concerning is that there has been a three fold increase in oral cancer in the last 15 years due to HPV (human papilloma virus) infections in the mouth and throat. While these HPV cancers are attacking more and more men aged 40-50 years without a history of smoking, both men and women are at risk.


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